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Artist: Andrassy Trio

Composers: Graupner, Mozart…


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Melanie Piddocke, Ernst Schlader, and Markus Springer founded the ‘Andrássy Trio’ in 2005. The ensemble plays original 18th- and 19th-century music on copies of historical basset-horns, clarinets and chalumeaux, specializing in historical performance practice of compositions for clarinets.The group borrows its name from the Hungarian count Georg Andrássy who, like W.A. Mozart, was a Freemason and who owned three (still existing) basset-horns by the Royal and Imperial court instrument maker Theodor Lotz. 

In addition to Mozart’s compositions for three basset-horns, the Andrássy Trio also dedicates itself to music by composers who have been forgotten and whose compositions are not currently available in modern editions.

In 2006 the Andrássy Trio was a finalist ensemble in the international early music competition ‘Van Wassenaer’ in The Hague, and a winner in the early music International Young Artist’s Presentation competition in Antwerp (2007).

This recording presents 18th-century music for various clarinet-type instruments; the program, which includes original compositions as well as famous tunes of the time, is an attempt to offer a representative overview of the repertoire of that period.