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Haydn Late Piano Works

Artists: Michel Kiener

Composer: Joseph Haydn


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Often overshadowed by the likes of Mozart and Beethoven, Joseph Haydn’s piano sonatas have a profound story to tell. From his humble beginnings as a piano teacher to his pivotal role in the Esterházy court, Haydn’s journey as a composer and performer was as intricate as his compositions.

This collection introduces the listener in contact with Haydn’s mature keyboard works, shaped by his encounters with English pianofortes and remarkable pianists like Thérèse Jansen. Discover the exquisite “English” sonatas, where technical brilliance meets profound musical depth.

Exploring the emotional core of his work, we encounter the haunting “Andante with Variations in F Minor,” a poignant masterpiece that seems to resonate with personal grief.

Michel Kiener takes us on a journey through the life and music of this remarkable composer, unveiling the power of musical expression in Joseph Haydn’s works.

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