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Passacaille Records: unlimited curiosity

What is the message behind the music? How did a work sound during the composer’s lifetime? How can the answer be made relevant to today’s audience?

These questions form the common thread of the Passacaille artists. Whether it is a mass by Johannes Tourout, an oratorio by C. P. E. Bach or a string quartet by Arnold Schönberg, this approach is the driving force behind our projects. 

Artists as instrument makers, artists as publishers

The instruments used often play a key role in the artistic thinking of our performers, some of whom are themselves instrument makers. And those who are curious enough to consult the scores used for the recordings will note that some performers are the publishers.

Jan De Winne

An artistic director with a passion for sound

The curiosity of Jan De Winne, artistic director of Passacaille, is boundless. The love of sound is at the heart of his work, whether as a flutist, instrument maker, teacher at the CNSMD in Paris , director of Il Gardellino, jury member of MA Competition Bruges or as a researcher. Since 2005, he has been fully committed to making Passacaille a platform where artists can realise personal projects, with the necessary and indispensable dose of freedom to give the best of themselves.

Do you have a question?

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