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De Seixas. Harpsichord

Artist: Nicolau de Figueiredo

Composer: Jose Antonio Carlos de Seixas


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The name of Carlos Seixas represents the highest point in the development of a Portuguese harpsichord literature. Born in Coimbra in 1703, his talent was recognised from the first years of his youth. In 1720, Seixas left for Lisbon to become the organist of the ‘Holy Patriarchal Basilica’ and the ‘Chapel Royal’. He also became the music teacher of the city’s aristocrats and members of the Portuguese royal family. When the virtuoso Scarlatti first met Seixas and witnessed his playing, he acknowledged the genius of his fingering technique, exclaiming “It’s you who could give me some lessons!”.

Just as in his brilliant recordings of Scarlatti, Haydn and Soler,Nicolau de Figueiredo has just the right rhythmical feeling for this Portuguese style and is totally at home in these elegant and virtuoso pieces by Carlos Seixas.

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