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Laura Andriani

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Where were you born? In Puglia, Italy, in the south-east ; and when I was 15 days old, I was in Torino, in the north-west. Traveling karma!

Where do you live? Nowhere… My address is in Montreal, but I am looking for a gravity center in Europe

Why did you start playing music? I was born in a family of musicians, and I have always been in a musical environment. I just chose an instrument.

What is your favourite instrument? The human voice

What music did you listen to as a child? Mainly classical, constantly the “filodiffusione”, the 24/7 broadcasted classical Italian radio; and many, many many, many live rehearsals and concerts.

What was your first record? The first vinyl I got: Caikovskij Violin Concerto with David Oistrakh.

What musical period would you like to live in? ‘500 and early ‘600, playing viola da gamba; but I appreciate being in the present and I would love to play more music written now.

Where do you prefer to listen to music? While traveling, especially by train.

Where can we find you when you are not making music? By the water. Swimming pool. Ideally, by the sea.

Where did you study? Torino and Basel.

What awards have you received? The coolest: Premio Speciale at the Paganini Competition in 1997.

Who is your favourite composer? Beethoven. And Bach. And Mozart.

Which composer would you like the public to rediscover? Mozart : ) In general, I think we take for granted too many composers.

What is your first recording? As a professional experience: some contemporary music albums; then discography with the Alcan Quartet as first violin.

What is your favourite recording? Passacaille labelled, Paganini 24 Caprices! Atma labeled the Late Beethoven Quartets, with the Alcan.

What is your favourite Passacaille recording? Ex tenebris ad lucem.

Who do you dream of recording with? Beethoven. And the Art of the Fugue with Bach playing violin.

Which piece have you never recorded but would like to? Beethoven Violin Concerto. Some Mozart String Quartets. Mozart Piano and Violin Sonatas.

What do you do before a concert? I brush my teeth and I tune in.

What do you do after a concert? I tune : )

What would you do if you were not a musician? Surgeon.

Is there anything important to add? I wish we could perform and bring to the concert halls more new music. I think we should incorporate styles and sound textures without framing the repertoire.