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Imaginarium Ensemble

Ph credits Promo

Where were you founded?
Firstly in Milan, now in San Leo, a small medieval village in Center Italy.

What awards have you already received?
Many, the most important probably the “Diapason d’or de l’année 2020” for the CD “Into Nature”

Which award are you most proud of?
 All of them!

Who is your favourite composer?*
As an ensemble, we have a soft spot for the early 17th century Italian repertoire.

Which composer would you like the public to rediscover? Not really unknown composers, rather unknown or less known works even by famous ones.

What was your first recording?
 “La voce nel violino”, Zig Zag Territories, 2006.

What is your favourite Passacaille recording (other artist)?
“Aquila altera”

What piece have you never recorded but would like to record?
Corelli’s Concerti Grossi Op.6

What do you guys do before a concert?
 Everyone has different habits. We simply try to keep the merry spirit that always rules our rehearsals, to convey it to the audience.

What do you do after a concert?

The normal routine of all ensembles.