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Toccata & Fugue

Artist: Enrico Onofri

Composers: Bach, Telemann, Tartini


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The works for solo violin recorded on this album do not belong to the normal repertory performed by modern or baroque violinists, with one exception: H.I.F. von Biber’s Passacaglia.One of these works is part of the great baroque organ repertory: J.S. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D (RE) minorBWV565. We do not know if the celebrated version of Toccata and Fugue BWV565 for organ is the original draft or only a transcription. The hypothesis that this work was written for a bowed instrument and then transcribed for organ is based on the presence of unique (or rare) elements found in Bach’s keyboard writings. This is corrobo-rated by the fact that the fugue subject and other various episodes seem to have been thought of for a stringed instrument rather than a keyboard.

Also on this cd , some of the famous Fantasias for solo violin by Telemann, some sonatas by Tartini, played without the bass – in a letter Tartini tells us he often performed them in that way – and also the Gulliver suite for two vio-lins by Telemann: Each movement describes a situation from Swift’s story through expedient rhetoric both unusualand comic.

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