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Joys amors et chants

Artists: Ensemble Cantilena Antiqua, Stefano Albarello

Composer: Berenguer de Palol


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Berenguer de Palol (o Palou o Palazol) was born in Catalonia, the land of the Count of Rossillon. We know very little about his life. The vida recites: “… he was a poor knight and teacher of arms. He composed beautiful songs which he sang for Ermessen, wife of Arnon d’Avinyo, son of Maria di Peizolada”. The only date regarding his life that can be established with certainty is 1164, the year in which his patron Jaufre’ III died.

The artistic activity of Berenguer has reached us through a series of passionate compositions of a rare musical as well as poetic beauty. His songs point out the particular ‘topoi’ of the Occitanlove poetry; besides the choice of the language of Oc, his songs expound the idea of love so dear to the courtly poetry enclosed in the concept of ‘fin’amor’.

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