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Jean Baur. Chamber Music

Artists : Elinor Frey, Accademia de’ Dissonanti

Composer: Jean Baur


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By 1750, the cello was an important and fashionable instrument in Paris and throughout France. Cellist-composers contributed dozens of works and the best performers throughout Europe were heard on Parisian stages. However, a newly-developed type of harp, the single-action pedal harp, was about to explode in popularity. Jean Baur, a musician from Bouzonville, France (in the Lorraine region), arrived in Paris in 1745, published two collections of cello sonatas, and then primarily performed on and composed for the harp throughout the 1760s and 70s, including a performance at the Concert Spirituel with his harpist daughter.

This project presents the first recording dedicated to this fascinating and practically unheard composer. In it, we hear his more “serious” cello music alongside Galant salon music for entertainment. Jean Baur’s chamber music captivates with its joyful and imaginative passagework and his vividly expressive melodies.

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