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Italian Sonatas

Artists: Duilio Galfetti, Luca Pianca

Composers: Fontanelli, Sammartini, Scarlatti…


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The mandolin appeared towards the middle of the 18th century (in Naples), and was derived from a much older instrument, the lute. Small lutes (the treble instruments of the family) already existed in the Renaissance and were called in a variety of ways: liutino, liuto soprano, mandola, armandolino, and later mandolino Lombardo. 

Arrigoni, Piccone, and Sammartini use the instrument to the limits of its possibilities. Obviously the Neapolitans partook in this development; the Sonata by Gervasio in this recording testifies to the spectacular skills of these mandolinist-composers with diabolic Allegros and typically Neapolitan nostalgic Largos. 

Galfetti and Pianca started their career as members of il Giardino Armonico, but quickly developed an impressive solo career by them selves. Both artist are highly convincing and seem perfectly at home in this repertoire.

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