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Handel. Suite de pièces pour le clavecin.

Artists: Michel Kiener.

Composers: George Frideric Handel.


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Rediscover the brilliance of Handel’s 8 harpsichord suites from 1720!

Handel composed these suites not only as performance pieces but also as teaching material, possibly to support himself financially after his father’s death and before his opera ventures. Despite their educational purpose, Handel’s suites were crafted with artistic sophistication, demanding skill and interpretation from performers.

The suites themselves demonstrate Handel’s versatility and innovation. They incorporate various suite types, including traditional four-movement suites and sonatas inspired by Corelli’s trio sonatas. Handel’s use of variations, fugues, and other forms highlights his compositional prowess.

Handel’s 1720 collection received widespread acclaim across Europe, inspiring composers like Bach, Muffat, and Rameau to incorporate similar elements into their works. Handel’s ability to fuse French, Italian, and German influences into his compositions exemplifies the “mixed taste” aesthetic of the time

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