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Gabrieli. Canzoni

Artists: Liuwe Tamminga, Bruce Dickey, Doron Sherwin

Composer: Giovanni Gabrieli


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This recording presents an unusual selection of organ and other pieces in which cornettos are used, either in richly ornamented upper voices or in dialogue with the organ.

Giovanni Gabrieli, born circa 1554 in Venice, played a pivotal role in 16th-century Venetian music, excelling in secular, sacred, and instrumental compositions. He inherited his uncle Andrea Gabrieli’s musical legacy and influenced numerous Italian and European students.

In 1584, Giovanni temporarily served as the organist at St. Mark’s, later winning a permanent position there in 1585, alongside his uncle Andrea, and at the Scuola Grande di S. Rocco. He held these positions until his death on July 12, 1612.

Gabrieli’s innovative approach to music, exploring tonal harmony, dynamics, and expanded sound possibilities, attracted numerous students, including Heinrich Schütz, who studied with him in Venice from 1609 until Gabrieli’s death.

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