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Fiorè. Cello Cantatas & Arias

Artists: Elinor frey, Suzie Leblanc, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Esteban La Rotta

Composer: Angelo Maria Fiorè


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FIORÈ presents the first recording of the cello sonatas of Angelo Maria Fiorè. Born in Milan, Angelo Maria Fiorè worked in Parma and Turin and wrote music that ranks among the first works that feature the cello. Alongside Fiorè’s brilliant and lyrical sonatas, we introduce rare Italian arias for soprano, cello concertante and basso continuo. The arias, found in late-seventeenth century operas by Ballarotti, Ziani, Sabadini, Pollarolo, and Magni, weave expressive cello lines with beautiful sung texts, each musing on longing, torment, sorrow, and idealized love.

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