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Epos. Music of the Carolingian Era

Artists: Ensemble Cantilena Antiqua, Stefano Albarello

Composers: Boethius, Maro…


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The Carolingian era marks an important moment regarding the history of early medieval latin lyrical poetry and medieval music. The Carolingian renaissance was very fundamental for the revival of a classical tradition. A manuscript now in Paris, written between the end of the ninth century and the beginning of the tenth century is to be considered a real testamentary compilation of the carolingian culture. In this it is quite extraordinary that these poems are in some cases correlated with a musical notation (typical aquitanian neumes).

Therefore it seemed to us possibile to reinterprete the melodies, presented here, following a precise methodology which respects the rules of that time. Even regarding the instruments organologic and archeologic references were consulted. First of all this was the case for the reconstruction of the lyra according to the models found in Germany and England, not unlike the cythara of the roman tradition; these are all instruments mentioned by the great music theorician of that time: Hucbald.