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Ignazio Cirri. Sonatas Op. II

Artists: Luca Giardini, Filippo Pantieri

Composer: Iganzio Cirri


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Ignazio Cirri was a clergyman, choirmaster, organist and modest provincial composer – though appreciated by Padre Martini, then a leading musical authority – who made his career in his home town of Forli. His work, of which there is little published material, consists mainly of sonatas: 12 for organ (op. 1) and the 6 recorded on this album (op. 2). 

In these six sonatas, which are in the realm of galant music, the harpsichord plays the leading role. The violin, much less prolix, punctuates and follows the harpsichordist’s right hand, whose motives it picks up here and there, imitating them in thirds, or simply underlining the harmony with held notes. 

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