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Mayumi Hirasaki

Mayumi Hirasaki

Ph credits Michel Marang

Where were you born?

in Japan           

Where do you live?

in Cologne, Germany

What is your favorite instrument?

Organ & Cornetto

In which musical period would you like to live?


Where do you prefer to listen to music?

at home, on the trip and to visit to listing the concerts!

Where can we find you when you are not making music?

in the kitchen, in Italy and sometime in the “dm” shops…         

Where did you study?

in Tokyo, Nuremberg, Munich and Luzern

What awards have you received?

2nd price by the international J.S.Bach Competition in Leipzig and 3rd price by the MA Competition in Bruges

Who is your favorite composer?


What is your first recording?

My first reording was with Christine Schornsheim “Bach in romantischer Manier” (Label: Genuin)

What is your favorite recording? (Passacaille, with you)

L´Arte della Scordatura & Mystery Sonatas of Biber

What is your favorite Passacaille recording? (Passacaille, other artist)

Frescobaldi & Bach by Lorenzo Ghielmi!

Who do you dream of recording with? (realistic or not)

with Kristian Bezuidenhout      

What do you do before playing a concert?

make up!

What do you do after a concert?

trink & eat with my colleagues

What would you do if you were not a musician?

pastry chef….