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I Solisti

Ph credits Els de Nil

Where were you founded?       


What prizes have you already received?            

Klara tandem trophy 2003          

Who is your favourite composer?          

W.A. Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Louis Andriessen and Frederik Neyrinck  

Which composer would you like the public to rediscover?        

Karel Goeyvaerts           

What was your first recording?

Serenades for Wind W.A. Mozart            

Which piece have you never recorded but would like to?          

The State by Louis Andriessen in combination work by Martijn Padding. Mass by Bruckner in combination with Frederik Neyrinck           

What do you do before a concert?

focus, relax and eat + raccord    

What do you do after a concert?            

Talk to the audience, preferably in the bar